PPE Software and Control Room

PPE are partnered with C247 software, utilizing the industry leading software throughout our management system, through the use of this software our operations are monitored 24 hours per day , 365 days of the year at our state of the art control room in Lincoln.

Introducing the C247 Platform

The C247 platform helps every aspect of managing a workforce from application of candidates, to screening/vetting, GPS validated attendance and welfare checks.

It includes patrol with GPS tagging and task management for your workforce and management team, all the way through to both Billing and Payroll with optional integration into packages such as Sage and Xero accounts and payroll facilities.

PPE Security - Introducing the C247 Platform

Attendance, Compliance and Tracking

With staff book on geo-verified to ensure they are on site when they book on and off, as well as proactive blow out avoidance through automated pre-shift welfare checks up to two hours prior to the shift, where staff are required to reconfirm their acceptance of the shift and intent to attend, the C247 platform aims to be the eyes in the back of your head!

Assignment instructions and briefings can be effortlessly added to individual shifts or overall sites for staff to view and sign off acceptance/receipt of when they book on to shift.

During shifts, alerts such as loss prevention notices etc.… can be sent dynamically to them at any point including to all staff working in a specific zone.

Using various technologies such as GPS and NFC to ensure staff are where they are supposed to be, cannot book on/off when not on site, and are completing the tasks they are required to do, the platform robustly monitors all aspects of their job role.

Patrol and task completion is handled through the C247 app with the optional use of NFC tags or simply by creating a task quickly and easily in the platform, specifying the precise location via google maps, and the size of the location, such that staff can attend the location and be automatically prompted to mark completion or fill out any required forms which can include the requirement to take photos/video/audio content.

Staff welfare monitoring is fully automated through proactive and passive tracking either on regular check calls for them to make/receive free of charge, or via the C247 app which can alert if the member of staff does not move a given number of meters in a given period.

PPE Security - Attendance, Compliance and Tracking


With all the data being collated and aggregated, the C247 platform not only provides limitless reporting capabilities, but uses the latest AI technologies to automatically report to any required stakeholders on anomalies, and performance spikes for various metrics.

Automated reporting via email and/or SMS messages on any frequency (hourly/daily/weekly) of staff attendance/incidents/welfare/task completion/performance is quick and easy to setup.

Intelligent detection and prevention of events such as staff trying to book on away from site, staff leaving site early, staff not moving due to being asleep or injured, the platform is the set of eyes in the back of your head!

We can even detect attempts to use spoofing apps to override the reported location and prevent fraud.

Every millisecond, the C247 app and cloud platform monitors multiple data points such as battery level, acceleration, anonymised audio feeds and GPS location to provide this oversight and analyse in real time to protect you and your stakeholders.

PPE Reporting