Drone Security

Drone security is a relatively new area for the security industry, but it is also one that can prove hugely effective in combating crime. Drones offer a view of a site that is impossible to achieve through other means, filling in the blanks left by CCTV blind spots and with the ability and flexibility to move and adjust for a better view of a potential issue.

They act as a deterrent to potential intruders or trouble makers, who know that drone technology means there are fewer places to hide if they break the law.

Drone Services

Here are the main drone location and set services we offer for your next production:

Benefits of Using Drone Security

Even remote controlled CCTV can only pivot from a fixed position. This is not an issue for drone security, where the sky’s the limit. The free rein given to drones makes them an invaluable resource. Their ability to cover a large amount of ground in minimal time means you need fewer human guards on patrol. This makes it a cost effective security solution.

Knowing that a property is protected by drone surveillance is enough to discourage many would-be intruders from breaking in. Having a drone visibly patrolling the site sends an instant message that their every move can be tracked, even once they make a getaway. With CCTV, you only have control of tracking a perpetrator until the point where they leave your site. Drones are not so limited.

Using Drone Security

If you want to use drone security to keep your business or property safe and secure, contact us today. We will visit you to discuss your specific needs and wishes, and will tailor a unique service to your company.