Dog Section Security

Employing dog section security is an effective method of patrolling large spaces. Experts say that one trained security dog is the equivalent of six security guards. PPE Security currently employs five dogs and handlers, all of whom are trained and licensed to the top industry standards.

Who Needs Dog Section Security?

Dog section security is perfect for patrolling parks, industrial estates or premises with areas that are difficult for a single human patrol to observe. Dogs are expert at detecting unusual activity and can more easily and swiftly follow up their suspicions than a guard alone, particularly around container yards, in buildings with high racking or any place where there are multiple areas for an intruder to hide.

If you have a large space that security need to sweep on a regular basis, such as a stadium, office or school, using a specially trained dog cuts down the time it takes to secure the venue, whilst maintaining an excellent level of protection.

PPE Security’s Dog Patrols

PPE Security’s dog section security features licensed handlers and dogs that undergo training to meet National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users (NTIPDU) standards.

Training continues on a regular basis and the dogs learn to seek out intruders, what to do when they find them and how to handle attacks using sticks, knives or guns. They also train to carry out building and site searches.

The patrols also flag up health and safety issues and conduct regular threat and risk assessments.

Benefits of Using Security Dog Patrols

Dogs have powerful senses of smell and hearing, making them ideal for detecting issues straight away. For the same level of protection from solely human guards, you would need to employ multiple staff at a greater cost. In many ways they are the perfect alarm system because they announce the danger and then can attempt to nullify the issue themselves.

It is a great value and effective way to protect your premises.

If you would like to discuss the use of dog section security for your business, contact PPE Security today. We get to know our clients and their businesses so we can provide a tailor-made solution that will serve you well.